NKY churches searching for clarity on Beshear’s reopening plan

Governor Beshear announced reopening plans on Wednesday.

Kentucky churches seeking clarity on reopening rules

ERLANGER, Ky. (FOX19) - Christ’s Chapel Church is bringing back their Saturday night service, but it will be outside in their parking lot so they can properly socially distance.

For services to happen inside, they need more clarification.

The pastor of the church, Terry Crigger told FOX19 NOW the two months of not having his congregation in his church has made it difficult to worship.

“Unless you’re eyeball to eyeball, unless you’re really connected to people on a relational basis, kinda face to face, you don’t get to walk that journey as closely as you would like,” Crigger said.

That’s why he was anxiously waiting on Ky. Gov. Andy Beshear to announce what he did Wednesday:

“They will be able to do in-person services, again, at a reduced capacity, and we’re working on that," Beshear said of churches in the commonwealth. “It is likely a percentage of the occupancy that is allowed.”

When Crigger heard that, he says he was "grateful.”

But it also led to some confusion.

Crigger’s church has 1,000 members, so a cap of 10 or fewer people would be impossible, and even a lowered capacity would be hard to have services inside.

“Most churches are beyond that size, and so, we couldn’t really have a service," he said.

That is why his church is holding off on inside Sunday services, for now.

Instead, they’re turning a hay trailer into a stage so they can hold Saturday evening services outside.

Meanwhile, Crigger is again eagerly waiting on more information from Governor Beshear.

"“Governor’s been great about making a statement and then redefining that along the way,” said Crigger.

Other churches in Northern Kentucky are in the same boat. FOX19 NOW spoke with several waiting for more information from the governor before speaking about their specific plans for reopening safely.

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