‘We want our money back:’ Parents upset with partial refund after soccer season cancelled

Parents seeking full refund after soccer league cancels season

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - COVID 19 has forced a Northern Kentucky soccer club to cancel its season, leaving a lot of players disappointed.

It’s also left a lot of parents angry, as the club reportedly informed them they will only get a partial refund of the membership fees.

Jason Walters’s daughter is on the team. He says she’s bummed she won’t be able to play.

“She’s certainly upset. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, all of those things have been cancelled,” said Walters. “And she’s part of all of it so it’s pretty tough for her right now.”

The parents say they are in a tough spot too, since they will only be getting a $40 return on their $70 membership fee.

“We want our money back. I think this is a time," Walters said. “You know, I am fortunate enough to be working, but there are people within the league who aren’t. I think they should get their full refund.”

A memo sent to parents states that a portion of the money held will be used for maintenance, which cost $60,000 in 2019. It also cites the installation of a new sprinkler system, which it says costs $35,000.

Walters calls those expense “questionable.”

“They should push back on the project and use their rainy-day fund," he said.

The other cost is an annual state fee of $15 dollars per player. Some parents already paid the fee during the fall sport season. Some of those who haven’t say the fee shouldn’t be assessed since there hasn’t been a season this year.

FOX19 NOW reached out the Campbell County Youth Soccer League and didn’t get a response, but the former president, Travis Parsons, had this to say:

“Unfortunately our teams have already been formed for the league, (and) practice has already taken place, so we owe those fees. They have deducted those fees and the club has made payment to the state for them.”

The league says they will spend more to operate the club than the fees they are retaining.

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