NKY mayor’s food bank idea takes off thanks to ‘fantastic’ community

Food Bank thrives thanks to neighbors helping neighbors

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - It started with an idea from Cold Spring, Ky. Mayor Angelo Penque about how to help people who may need help putting food on the table.

Then the donations started flowing in, and things took off from there, surprising even Penque himself.

“We have a great community here, our people are fantastic!” He exclaimed.

The idea to start a food bank came to Penque in mid-March. A simple post on Facebook was all it took to get the food bank stocked at first.

Then several Northern Kentucky communities started collecting items too, including Granite Spring, Springside and Shadow Lake.

But the biggest donations of all came from a “Stuff the Cruiser” event in April.

“We started at 2 pm, and at 10 minutes after 2, the cruiser was full,” Penque recalled. “At that point I called our maintenance department and we had to get a truck. We filled the truck, it was three layers [high].”

When people arrive at the municipal building, they pick up bags of food depending on the size of their family. People can also drop off donations there.

Every item they donate will be disinfected before it's packed up for distribution.

The mayor says he can't express how thankful he is for the people stepping up to help those in need during this time.

“They’re all kind, they’re giving, they’re very heartwarming,” Penque said. “And I can’t say enough about them. And I want to thank them.”

Penque says anyone in need can come to the food bank. He just wants to make sure adults and children alike won’t go hungry during the pandemic.

The food bank is located at the Cold Spring Municipal Building. It is open Monday-Thursday 2-5 p.m. where you can bring donations or you can pick up some food yourself.

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