Northern Kentucky nursing home hosts Mothers Day car parade

Senior living facility hosts car parade for Mother's Day amid pandemic

COVINGTON, Ky. (FOX19) - Rosedale Green nursing home held a Mothers Day car parade Friday to help boost morale during the coronavirus pandemic.

The facility has been hit hard by the virus, with 63 resident having confirmed cases.

Around 60 cars filled with family members of people who live at the facility filled the parking lot. Honking and cheering filled the air as the parade made it’s way around Rosedale Green.

With Mothers Day being completely different because of the virus families, told FOX19 NOW the parade made all the difference.

The family of Carol Weber decorated their van and made signs for the parade.

“We can’t be with her, so it’s hard,” said Patricia Weber. “We need to know that she knows we love her."

The Webers took two trips around the facility, just to get that message home.

“We love you mom. We’re there for ya. We’ll see you when we can,” said Weber.

People inside Rosedale Green put up signs in windows for the parade. One read, “Send more chocolate.”

People also waved down at the stream of cars making its way around the facility.

The parade comes after a recent spike in coronavirus patients at the facility after healthcare officials were able to perform comprehensive testing.

“We knew that there was going to be a symptomatic folks that tested positive," Rosedale Green Executive Director Londa Knollman said.

Everyone who tested positive was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital.

Back at the facility they got a new disinfectant sprayer to clean high touch areas.

“It would take us over eight hours a day to hit all of those areas. Now we can do it in a couple of hours, so we’ll continually do it on a more frequent basis,” said Knollman.

In the week since their spike in cases, they haven’t had another resident test positive, according to Knollman.

While the main focus of this parade was Mothers Day, it was also a celebration of National Nursing Home Week, which always starts on Mothers Day.

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