Tri-State non-profit helping people in need get low cost cars

Non-profit assisting people in need selling cars at low cost

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - There’s no shortage of challenges for people dealing with poverty. Especially, when it comes to finding reliable transportation.

Since public transit is limited during the pandemic, access to private transportation is more important than ever.

One local non-profit’s efforts are making a huge impact.

Changing Gears is working to help Cincinnatians find their way out of poverty.

The organization sells donated cars at a very low cost to people in Cincinnati - $1,000 to $3,500 for a donated vehicle.

Why do it? Changing Gears’ Executive Director says they work to empower people with private transportation.

Over the years, they’ve helped almost 200 people.

Changing Gears Executive Director, Joel Bokelman says this is “more of a hand-up than a hand-out."

“Sometimes I’d love to hear that our clients are able to sleep in, so they can be rested, be better parents, just be able to handle everything that comes their way. But also, the idea of trip chaining, where you know, on your way home from work you might run a couple of errands. That’s really hard to do on the bus. These little things together are why private transportation is a hard barrier to overcome but it provides so much freedom," he said.

They work with local organizations to ensure their clients can afford the car they need. They also work on the cars at their garage downtown.

If you’d like to donate or you think Changing Gears could help you, click here.

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