Man’s Clean Hands Cincinnati mission helping hundreds of city’s homeless

Man’s Clean Hands Cincinnati mission helping hundreds of city’s homeless

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - One man is making the effort to help ensure the most at-risk groups for the coronavirus in Cincinnati get all the help they need.

Instead of bottling up a helpless feeling, Tom Brennan bottled up hand sanitizer for his Clean Hands Cincinnati idea.

What Brennan is doing is taking big buckets of hand sanitizer and disperse them into smaller personal bottles for the homeless.

“What I’ve been saying is get hand sanitizer into and onto the hands of Cincinnati’s homeless,” explains Brennan.

But finding the sanitizer was no easy task.

From Cincinnati to Columbus and over to Bloomington, Indiana, Brennan journeyed hundreds of miles and across state lines.

When he came across sanitizer, Brennan says he would buy them bulk.

With the help of a turkey baster, he turned gallons and gallons of sanitizer into hundreds of small bottles for personal use.

“850 bottles at this point," Brennan said. "I’ve got another 200 around the house that are going to go out next week.”

Brennan says he wishes he could do more and will continue to go as long as he can.

He works with homeless organizations with street outreach like the Mary Magdalene House in Over the Rhine.

Brennan says when he dropped off his last shipment, they called his work “life-saving.”

“Which after I got done crying from how nice of a compliment that was, I thought, ‘no, I’m just a guy with a turkey baster and some hand sanitizer,’" explained Brennan. "That’s not really how I feel about it. The people making the difference are the nurses and all those people and I’m just trying to help people out.”

Now, Brennan funded this all on his own.

After you fill nearly 1,000 bottles of sanitizer, you might need some donors.

So he has set up a GoFundMe page.

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