NKY community rallying to help teacher recovering from heart attack

NKY community rallying to help teacher recovering from heart attack

KENTON COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Neighbors in Northern Kentucky are rallying to help a beloved teacher at Ludlow High School.

Adam Clary suffered a heart attack April 28 in the parking lot of a local hospital. His wife, Heidi, says he drove himself there after not feeling well.

“When we went to the hospital the morning after the heart attack, we were told he had a zero to 10 percent chance of survival," Heidi told FOX19 NOW Thursday.

Adam is currently on a ventilator and remains in critical condition at the Cleveland Clinic. His family says he’s opening his eyes, squeezing nurses hands and slowly coming off sedatives.

They say the progress he’s made is due in part to the love he’s receiving from sic community.

“My friend made a heart with an ‘AC’ in it, and he said, ‘I put this on my ID badge every day so every time I look at it, I make sure to pray for Adam,’” Heidi said.

Now ‘AC’ with a heart has been printed on t-shirts and shared on Facebook. It’s become a sign of being a good neighbor and showing support.

“When I saw that, I put that as my profile picture, just thinking, ‘That is so sweet,’" Heidi said. “I love it. Within two hours, everybody that we knew put it as their Facebook profile.”

Word spread quickly about the family tragedy after that.

“The amount of love and support during this time has been surreal,” Heidi said.

She explains neighbors have brought groceries, cleaned out their car and led prayer groups. Still, what Heidi believes is really giving Adam the strength to keep fighting are the video messages he receives.

“We’re praying for you,” one said. “Can’t wait to see you," said another.

As Adam continues to fight, his family knows the Ludlow community will be there for him every step of the way.

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