WATCH: Incredible music video lifts up workers, patients and families at Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati Children's sending message with positive tune

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Tri-State hospital is sending a positive message with one incredible music video.

Tanya Leach is video manager at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She says the idea started as a collaboration video with partners in the community “to make people feel good during this tough time.”

Leach hoped a few musicians would lend their talents. She didn’t anticipate the response she got.

“I was thinking, all these people aren’t going to say yes,” she said.

But 25 musicians did say yes, answering the call to send a message that everybody needs somebody to lean on.

It took nearly four weeks to complete, according to Robert Mills, the video’s director and editor.

“So many of these guys were all different spectrums of the music genres, which made it cool,” Mills said.

Every artist was given a scratch track, which Mills describes as “a bed of music to listen to while you play or sing.”

Mills continued: “Then you find a spot, like your garage, and go for it. That’s the fun part, making music,” he said. “The hardest part is sending the audio to the mixer for him to match all those tracks together and make them sound perfect in unison.”

The result is a video that lifts up workers, families and patients... even if it took some patience to create.

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