VIDEO: Scenes of outside dining in Cincinnati, Loveland and Lebanon

A look at restaurants and bars reopening for outside dining in Ohio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - People around Greater Cincinnati took to the streets Friday — to dine, to drink and to celebrate another restriction lifted in Ohio’s march toward normalcy.

“It’s so nice to be out with friends and feel somewhat normal," said Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

Tents took over narrow cross streets in Over-the-Rhine. Servers milled around tables outside bars at the Banks.

“I am thrilled to be back out," said Drew Steinbrunner. "It’s awesome to come out here and enjoy the sunlight now that it’s coming out here, and it’s great! It’s a good feeling.”

A thoroughfare in Lebanon was cordoned off to create a makeshift plaza. A brewery in Loveland welcomed locals to drink at just-assembled picnic tables.

“I am just excited about going to workout again and being able to eat out," said Liesel Fausnaugh. "My birthday wish is June 1st, so that was one of my birthday wishes. So I am excited that I can do both of those before my birthday!”

In celebratory scenes, the Tri-State stretched its legs Friday, found a nice table in the sun and, for the first time in a long time, asked to see a menu.

Dining in the street on 15th Street in OTR
Dining in the street in OTR, Lebanon

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