11-year-old says man tried to lure her into his car on Central Parkway

11-year-old says man tried to lure her into his vehicle
Updated: May. 15, 2020 at 11:56 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A local mother say someone approached her 11-year-old daughter trying to lure her into their car.

CPD is now investigating.

The incident happened a month ago, when the girl’s mother and some friends walked to the Family Dollar in the 1800 block of Central Parkway.

The girl was on a bike, she says, so she stayed outside. That’s when she says a man approached in the parking lot.

“He had come up to me and asked me my name,” the girl told FOX19 NOW. “And I said, I can’t talk to strangers of give out my info.”

She says the man persisted.

“He was like, it was like this type of smile that he did that kind of scared me. It was an evil smile. And then he walked away, and then he told me to come to his car.”

After the incident, the girl ran inside the store screaming and crying, according to her mother.

“As I am about to pay, my daughter runs and then stumbles and said someone was trying to get her in their car,” the mother recalled.

She then ran out to see if she could find the man, but he had already left, the mother says. Her daughter did tell her what he looked like.

“He was a black male, short, he was in a black car and he was bald,” she said. “He had a maroon shirt and some blue jean pants.”

The mother is sure her child is not the first girl he’s approached.

“If he did this to my daughter, I’m sure he has done this to other kids," she explained, “and I want to track this man down.”

Police say they are gathering all video they can in and around the area that may show the suspect. They also tell us they have had no other reports of similar behavior.

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