16-year-old remains in coma after dirt bike crash on Glenway Avenue

Family of teen seriously injured in big crash hopes others will learn from it

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Days after a 16-year-old on a dirt bike was hit by a car, he remains in the hospital in a coma, prompting his relatives to warn others to be careful.

Austin Ambrose, according to Cincinnati police, was driving his dirt bike on Saturday morning when he and a car collided along Glenway Avenue.

“As soon as it happened, his friend that was with him on his other bike called me screaming, ‘Get here now. Austin was thrown off of his bike!'" Sylvia Ambrose, Austin’s sister, said.

Police records show the other driver involved should have yielded to Austin.

The impact of the crash left Austin seriously hurt. His relatives say he has facial fractures and brain swelling. Sylvia adds he has already had several surgeries and that doctors even removed part of his skull. Right now, he remains in a coma.

“We don’t know what’s gonna happen in the split of a second. Me and my brother had our whole day planned out Saturday. We were on our way to do lots of things," Sylvia said.

"It was supposed to be a fun-filled day, and it turned into the worst day of our lives.”

Austin’s recovery will take some time. His family is now looking for a new home that will better accommodate Austin’s new needs.

“Until he opens his eyes, none of us can rest. None of us can function," Pete Ambrose, Austin’s father, said. “Words can’t explain how we feel. It’s been sleepless nights. It’s been not eating, not resting.”

People are showing their support by making donations and buying “Austin Strong” shirts.

Austin’s parents and sister say they are thankful for the support, and they hope Austin’s story of survival will serve as a cautionary tale since Austin was not wearing a helmet when the crash happened.

“Let my son be that example. Wear your helmet,” Pete said. "You’re never too cool, and if he was awake and he was here right now, he would say the same thing. He would want you to learn by him.”'

Although it is not easy, Austin’s loved ones say they are staying strong and are making a video journal for Austin to watch when he wakes up.

“He’s an Ambrose. He’s got this," Sylvia said. "He’s pulling out of this.”

Police reports show that the other driver involved in the crash was driving with a suspended license. It is not clear if he will face any charges.

There is a GoFundMe page in place to raise money for Austin and his family.

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