State restrictions could be too much for neighborhood pools seeking to reopen

DeWine responds to criticism about neighborhood pool regulations

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine gave neighborhood pools the green light Wednesday, but new restrictions might make it too difficult for some to reopen.

“The rules do make sense for a large pool like a YMCA, but they are unsustainable for small neighborhoods,” Mike Hunting said.

Hunting manages a pool in Loveland’s Black Horse Run subdivision. He says the new restrictions will double operating costs.

“We are required to clean the high-use surfaces every two hours regardless of whether anybody has been in the pool,” he said.

Hunting describes the maintenance man hour requirement as “asinine.”

DeWine responded directly to the complaints in an interview with FOX19 NOW Wednesday.

“Look, I understand, but this is a question of safety,” he said, adding the restrictions are best practices created in consultation with pool managers and owners from around the state. “And those practices are there to protect all of us.”

Hunting estimates the virus is not sufficiently dangerous to warrant the restrictions.

“Right now the threat for us is relatively low," he said. "Let’s go swimming and enjoy life a little bit.”

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