CPD officer posts video on social media defending police

CPD: Man steals car, leads police on chase, crashes vehicle

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A man is behind bars tonight after he led police on a chase over the weekend, according to CPD.

Police say 37-year-old Glen Hedges stole a car, then led them on a chase that eventually ended in a crash in Bond Hill.

Officers tried to pull Hedges over around 4 p.m. Sunday, according to police, but he would not comply. That is when police say he took off, speeding up to 100 mph up Interstate-71 between Reading Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Eventually Hedges crashed the stolen car into three other vehicles. What happened next compelled CPD Officer Andre Ewing to social media.

“Yet my coworkers, once they apprehended the suspect, administered first aid to a bleeding felon,” Ewing said. “Their main concern after he was apprehended was his life, to make sure that he was okay, but you’re not going to hear about that. White and black officers risking it all in that moment."

Ewing continued: “Yeah there are bad cops, but guess what? There are bad pastors and there are bad doctors and they all will be dealt with.

“So I am here to give a shoutout to the individuals that put it on the line, because even with a fleeing felon, black life mattered. Even as a subject with a felonious assault warrant, black life mattered. Even in the moment after he was captured, his black life mattered.”

“There are a lot of subjects that have been shot that are saved today because an officer went to the aid, made the call, brought the fire department in and had a safe travel to the hospital to save this man’s life. We all are working together. What are you working for today? Or are you part of the problem?”

Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Dan Hills says he appreciated the message.

"I thought it was the right message for the right time. I’ve witnessed who police officers are. They are genuinely good people that are here to serve the community and will do anything they can to keep safe, everybody they have to deal with even the people they’ve arrested.”

Brian Taylor disagrees.

Taylor is a local activist and former leader of Mass Action for Black Liberation, the successor group to Cincinnati’s Black Lives Matter.

“Ewing makes it sound like this is special behavior,” Taylor said. "As if a felon doesn’t deserve to be treated as a human being. That’s your job. It actually feeds into this idea that when cops use excessive force, it’s ok if the person has a wrap sheet, was allegedly committing a crime or the all-too-familiar cop charge of “resisting arrest” without an initial cause for detention. That Ewing wants to be commended for NOT killing a person is telling of their mentality. Again, the person SHOULD have survived. He SHOULD have been given first aid.”

Taylor continued: “He can say there are just a few bad cops. It’s not a question of good or bad, though the fact the you rarely see cops speaking out on cop corruption is telling. The police institution is racist and discriminatory. The findings of the Department of Justice alone prove this. It’s not an opinion. This means the policies and framework from the time Ewing punches in are racist and anti-working class, regardless of how he sees himself as an individual. If you are trained to see me as a potential problem because of how I look or where I live I am already at an extreme disadvantage and the cop is already set up for bad things to happen.”

As for Hedges, he now faces multiple charges including failure to comply with police, assault and receiving stolen property.

He’s being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center on more than $50,000 bond.

No officers were injured during his arrest.

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