With some schools struggling, UC sets record for summer enrollment

Record number of students taking summer courses at UC

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The University of Cincinnati has set an all-time record for summer enrollment, with more than 20,000 students attending summer classes.

While other schools are struggling during the pandemic, it’s the first time UC has seen more than 20,000 students in summer courses in its more-than 200 year history.

The summer courses are offered virtually and present certain challenges for the university and students alike.

“It is amazing to see campus this deserted,” Vice Provost of Enrollment Jack Miner said, “but to know we have the largest enrollment right now in summer during our 200-year history, and we are one of the only ones like that.”

Miner says the pandemic has changed things for four-year universities.

“I think as we look to fall, there is a real challenge of what will universities look like and what enrollment will look like," Miner said. "I think that ends up being a challenge for a couple of reasons. One, students really want the on-campus experience, and some students choose not to go when they cannot get that on-campus life experience.

"The other piece is it is a really hard time right now financially for families.”

Greta Schneider is one of the 20,000 students taking summer classes at UC, it is her senior year at the university.

Schneider lives just blocks from the campus she cannot attend in person.

“Unfortunately they have not even lowered the price of the actual courses I am taking," she said. "I am basically paying the same amount I would pay during a normal semester, obviously with the campus life and other fees for all students UC subtracted, but my courses are the same amount, and I am restricted from working from home.”

Previously some DAAP students requested reduced tuition to reflect the limits of remote instruction. The university said no.

Though missing the classrooms and labs she needs for work, Schneider admits certain classes are better online.

“There are a lot of different kinds of learning that are well suited for online,” she said.

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