Family of Westwood hit-skip victim calls on driver to confess

Search for hit and runs driver continues

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati police are still looking for the driver of a red truck who hit Darik Klepper on Thursday.

Klepper’s family told FOX19 NOW he was driving his moped home after a quick trip to the store to get his kids an afternoon snack. That trip will leave him forever damaged.

Security video from a nearby business shows Klepper turning onto Kling Ave. when he was hit by a red Ford F-150 truck with temporary tags.

After hitting Klepper the video shows the truck drive around him and speed away.

Klepper’s girlfriend, Danielle Drewry is still trying to understand the driver’s actions.

“The fact that someone would just leave him there to die. I mean, I’m grateful they didn’t run over him. At least they had the courtesy to drive around him,” said Drewry.

Klepper has major injuries from the accident, including a broken right femur.

“They’re putting a rod in. He has some forearm fractures that they’re going to put some plates on,” Drewry said. “His knee was completely torn. The skin and muscle was torn away, and they are trying to make that skin stay viable."

Klepper is an active dad who loves to play with his children. He also enjoys restoring and riding old mopeds.

Doctors are telling the family he has a long road of physical therapy ahead, but with his injuries his family doesn’t know if he will be able to do any of his favorite activities in the same way anymore.

That is just another reason they want the driver to face justice.

“Whatever reason he chose to run, I don’t know, but it’s not worth somebody’s life,” said Drewry.

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