Hamilton Co. sheriff, deputies kneel with protesters in moment of solidarity

Protesters call for officers to take a knee at the Hamilton County Courthouse

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - In what was arguably one of the most powerful moments, a trio of Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies joined hundreds of protesters by taking a knee during Monday’s protests.

The protesters repeatedly chanted for the deputies to “take a knee” with them.

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause when these deputies did so.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil later joined the actions of his fellow deputies by taking a knee:

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil takes a knee in front of protesters at the Hamilton Co. Courthouse

People organized outside of the Hamilton County Courthouse to peacefully protest and honor the life of George Floyd.

The protesters memorialized him by going down to one knee, holding their fists in the air for nine minutes.

The group later dispersed from the courthouse to march through the streets of Cincinnati.

Protesters chanted as they walked before circling back to the sidewalk in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Once protesters returned, an individual read off a list of demands organized by the Youth Activist Coalition.

The list, according to the group, comes in light of this past weekend’s protests honoring Floyd:

  • We demand a maximum sentence for Derek Chauvin and charges be brought against Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng for the murder of George Floyd.
  • We demand that the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) demilitarize, meaning that they ban the use of military-grade weapons including but not limited to assault rifles, armored vehicles, etc.
  • We demand a dramatic reduction in funds for the CPD.
  • We demand the CPD reduce the amount of required firearm training and other violent tactics designed to be used against citizens.
  • We demand an immediate end to the use of all No-Knock Warrants, such as the ones by Louisville Police Department during the murder of Breonna Taylor and the immediate end to all Stand Your Ground laws.
  • We demand the CPD create and implement a strict no-tolerance policy regarding the use of excessive force.
  • We demand a dramatic increase in the number of hours required to become an armed police officer and that the curriculum includes a minimum of 40 hours of cultural awareness courses and 80 hours of de-escalation training.
  • We demand Cincinnati Public Schools and local universities reconsider their relationship with the CPD and consider the input of teachers, professors, students, and parents.
  • We demand independent internal affairs investigators and civilian oversight boards with unrestricted access to all files, documents, videos, images, etc. to effectively oversee the department. We demand that the findings of the investigators and boards be accessible by the public.
  • We demand the immediate release of anyone arrested during the protests regarding the death of George Floyd and police brutality in Cincinnati. We demand that any charges brought against protesters be dropped.
Demonstrators continue protesting outside Hamilton County Courthouse

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