‘It just hits close to home.’ Cincinnati volleyball star adds voice to protests

Cincinnati volleyball star adds voice to protests

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A volleyball phenom who now lives in Cincinnati has a unique perspective on the protests happening around the country right now after growing up near Minneapolis.

Jordan Thompson with Team USA says she’s from where these protests began, but that’s not the only reason she felt compelled to make her voice heard.

“It just really hits close to home," she said. “I was really nervous because I didn’t know if that was my dad who had been killed.”

Volleyball brought Jordan to Cincinnati.

Being the most decorated player in UC history, she helped her country qualify for the Olympics.

“Obviously, growing up, I don’t think I had as big of a platform," she said.

Now, Jordan wants to help her country understand her perspective.

“How can I use my voice in the most effective way possible and just speak up for people, you know, who don’t have a voice," she said.

Jordan joined protestors in downtown Cincinnati on Monday.

“It was extremely powerful and very emotional just to be a part of that. I felt like I was a part of change and a ton of people who didn’t look like each other coming together and it was so beautiful to see that," she said.

Her sign she carried shared a message asking people to stand with her and simply listen.

“People need to listen - and not listen to respond, not listen to argue, but listen to understand. It’s not just, like, people calling you the N-word you sometimes, it’s deeper than that. It’s people following you around in stores and my dad has been pulled over more than 100 times for the dumbest things like having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror," Jordan said.

She’s a wife, a record-breaker, future Olympian - and now a leader.

“Even for myself, I am trying to be more educated so that I can help educate other people who have questions so I can have good answers for them," Jordan said.

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