West End business owner recounts brutal Saturday night attack

West End business owner recovering from brutal attack

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A West End business owner is home from the hospital Tuesday after suffering a brutal attack Saturday night.

Andrew Cape says he and one of his employees were beaten and robbed Saturday morning. Now Cape carries cuts and bruises across his face, as well as more serious injuries.

“I have some head trauma, a couple of brain bruises, broken jaw, eye socket and cheek bone,” Cape said Tuesday.

The attack came during the early morning hours Sunday, just after the civil unrest in Over-the-Rhine.

Cape says he was attacked at gunpoint.

He adds he does not believe the attack was related to the unrest following Saturday’s George Floyd protests.

“I’m not that angry actually. I understand what is going on right now. Our city is hurting. The African-American community is wanting answers, and I just think that we have to come tighter and find some solutions,” Cape said. “This has to stop.”

The attack was captured on ring camera at Cape’s shop. It shows Cape endure 10 minutes of beating by three men while a fourth broke into the shop and robbed it.

Cape and his wife, Lisa, do not want to share the video with media before they share it with the police.

“I think our boys could have lost their other,” Lisa Cape said. “I could have lost my husband, and this didn’t need to happen. It is very scary. Why would they do that?”

Andrew is dedicated to moving forward, to returning to his show as well as the community he loves.

“I love the community I work in,” he said. “I love the community I live in. I love them both, and I will return.”

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