CPS students speak up, speak out on racial injustice during virtual forum

CPS holds 'listening session' with students about recent civil unrest

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati Public Schools launched a virtual forum Wednesday for students to discuss racial injustice and inequities in the city and country.

The town-hall style forum featured a dialogue with community leaders and students on how to make progress in a time, according to protesters, of injustice and racism.

CPS Superintendent Laura Mitchell described the forum as a chance for students to rise up in peaceful demonstration and take a stance against racism.

“I kind of don’t know what’s happening," Western Hills sophomore Keorland Harrison said. "You wonder, like, are you next? Are one of your loved one’s next?”

Western Hills senior Chris Scott added: “The protests and the riots and all that stuff... honestly, its been bringing me anger, and that’s a common thing in our community right now, which is anger. But it’s just, why are we still dealing with the same stuff our ancestors were dealing with?”

As city leaders and school administrators heard directly from the students, Mitchell had a message for them.

“What we’re seeing on our televisions and on social media as it relates to race play out is not normal and it is not acceptable, especially in the year of 2020," Mitchell said.

Mitchell also said institutional racism is embedded within our society and that everyone has a responsibility to take action against it.

The students agreed with the superintendent.

“We are the future,” said Woodward High School graduate Namaria Evans. “That’s exactly who we are, because without us, what’s the next business? What’s the next generation of people going to do?”

The superintendent says this interaction with the students to hear their voices is not a one-time deal, but will continue throughout the school year.

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