Downtown store owner searching for Good Samaritans recorded cleaning up vandalism

Good Samaritans caught on camera cleaning up business after vandalism

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - An act of kindness was captured on camera in Cincinnati, and now the CEO of the company affected is paying it forward.

Matt Woods is CEO Woods Hardware. It has been his family’s company for four generations, and they currently have five locations, including one in Downtown Cincinnati.

On Saturday around 2 a.m., Woods got a call that protests had turned violent in Cincinnati and that someone had vandalized the front of the downtown store.

“They said, ‘Hey they pushed over all your flower carts,'" Woods said.

Woods rushed over to the shop to inspect the damage, but he said the destruction was gone when he arrived.

“I got down here, all the flower carts were upright, and I was like, well, I see all the aftermath, all the dirt on the ground, and somebody had to have picked it up and put all the flowers back," Woods said.

When Woods checked the security camera footage, he was amazed at what he saw.

The footage showed three people cleaning up the mess and re-shelving the flowers while one person stood by and watched.

“There was one person who served as a lookout to make sure... while the three were picking up our flowers, there was one person watching their back," Wood said. "I mean, it was incredible.”

The act of kindness inspired Woods to pay it forward.

“Came down here, all this adrenaline going, thinking everything’s going to hell, and the reality is, ya know, somebody did something that kind to us," Wood said. "I ended up staying that entire night, passing out waters, passing out food, and the next three nights I did the same.”

Woods is hoping to eventually identify the four good samaritans, but if they plan to remain anonymous, he at least wants them to know that he is grateful for what they did.

“Thank you. It was an unbelievable gesture," Wood said. "I’d love to reward you, but maybe your reward is in heaven one day, but you really did a great thing for our city. You did a great thing for us, and you gave me a sense of value in people that carried on for the next few nights.”

Woods is asking anyone who recognizes the people in the video to contact him or the store.

He says in the days after the vandalism, protesters not responsible for the damage apologized to him for what the vandals did.

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