Winton Terrace teen tracks down stolen shoes, returns them to owner

Winton Terrace teen tracks down stolen shoes and returns them to owner
Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 9:14 AM EDT
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WINTON TERRACE (FOX19) - A 13-year-old in Winton Terrace is being applauded for tracking down shoes that were stolen from a porch and returning them to their owner.

Justin Crews said on Tuesday a delivery truck dropped off the shoes at the residence in Winton Terrace when other kids around started getting some ideas.

“I said, ‘somebody is in the window so don’t take those shoes,’" he said. “Next thing you know they don’t listen and they took the shoes as soon as the van left.”

Crews followed the other teens determined to get the shoes to their rightful owner.

“I saw them and then I let them go for a little while. And then I finally started chasing him - I caught up to him and I tackled him,” he said.

Crews said his main goal was to get the shoes back and teach the would-be thieves a lesson.

“And then I was like ‘you should not be doing this. What if it was your mom’s stuff or your sister’s... you wouldn’t like it,’” he said.

Justin’s mom said she is proud but not surprised by his actions.

“We teach our kids if it’s not yours, don’t touch it. People work hard for what they buy. I work hard and I wouldn’t want anybody to touch my things so I instill that into my children,” Amber Jones said.

The shoes were returned and the woman who bought them could not be happier.

“Basically he rescued the shoes. He put them on my back porch, and I was so grateful to him because I don’t have money like that to be spending on shoes,” Rashawna, who had the shoes stolen, said.

For his reward, the woman who bought the shoes, along with her boyfriend took Justin to the store and told him to pick out a gift.

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