Vigil held outside District 1 as protesters settle in for ‘very long fight’

"Vigil against police violence" held as protests continue in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ten days after protests began in Cincinnati over the death of George Floyd, protesters say the movement isn’t close to being over.

Monday night the scene began at CPD’s District 1 headquarters where protesters gathered for a vigil against police violence.

Event organizers say the vigil will be a daily event.

According to organizers, it’s meant as a space to stand together in solidarity. But it’s more than that — an occasion to sing, read poetry, talk, chant, pray, teach, make signs, cry and say the names of the victims of police brutality.

“I think persistence is important,” said one man at the vigil. “And I think we can’t just limit it to just one day of protests, one weekend of protests. I think this is going to be a very long fight.”

The event ended around 7:30 p.m. after which protesters made the now-familiar march to the Hamilton County Courthouse, on the way stopping briefly at City Hall.

It’s City Hall where many of the reforms protesters are demanding will be considered over the next several weeks.

One of them — that the city not charge protesters arrested for curfew violations — has been submitted to council in a motion co-sponsored by Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman and Councilperson Jan-Michele Kearney.

The motion reads: “We move that the city prosecutor not pursue criminal charges against any person arrested solely for a curfew violation during the period of May 30, 2020-June 8, 2020.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Cranley met with protesters Monday in a closed-door session that left attendees feeling positive about a path forward.

Councilpersons PG Sittenfeld and Greg Landsman also say there’s political will to work with community activists for progress on police reform, and they’ve each submitted motions containing some of the protesters’ demands.

As for the protesters’ endurance, Landsman echoed the sentiments of Monday evening’s vigil attendees.

“I think it’s time to dig in and do it together and stay committed for the long haul,” Landsman said.

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