Xavier University student-athletes make voices heard

Xavier University student-athletes make voices heard

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The so many influential coaches and teams are adding their voices to what is a critical conversation, but the black student-athletes at Xavier wanted their university’s statement to come directly from them.

“You cannot stay silent and you cannot do nothing," Moriah Hopkins said. “Because, at that point, you’re just becoming a part of the problem.”

The students want to be heard.

Hopkins joined with teammate Jayda Carlton to create something that would make a statement.

It’s a video in their own voice.

“And, I hope everybody who viewed it was moved by it and understood the message we’re trying to portray," Carlton said.

Framed as a letter to Xavier supporters, they’re now asking for more meaningful support.

“Some universities may have shut down, you know, athletes wanting to speak for themselves, but Xavier is letting us speak for ourselves and be heard," Hopkins said.

Nineteen people - from nine different sports. They live it - they wrote it - they spoke it.

“Here’s my face. This is what I’m feeling, this is what I’m seeing, like, seeing in my community. You need to see that and you need to be able to support me in that if you’re going to support me on the court and, I think, that’s the most important thing to come out of it," Hopkins said.

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