COVID-19 testing now available to anyone in Ohio

COVID-19 testing available to anyone, Gov. DeWine says

COLUMBUS, Ohio (FOX19) - Gov. Mike DeWine announced Thursday that anyone, even those who are low-risk or not showing symptoms, can get tested for COVID-19.

Those who want to get tested should talk to their health care provider or contact a testing location to arrange a test.

“By understanding who is sick, whether they are showing symptoms or not, we are able to better prevent the spread of the #COVID19,” DeWine said in a tweet.

Click here to find the closest testing site near you.

In addition, pop-up testing sites across Ohio will start with one in Columbus on Friday. Testing sites for Cincinnati and Cleveland will be open at a later date.

COVID-19 latest numbers

As of Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health reports that there are 429 new COVID-19 cases and 33 new deaths in the state.

The total number of positive cases in Ohio is 40,004 and the total number of deaths to 2,490.

The ODH says 60 Ohioans are hospitalized with COVID-19 and 18 are in the ICU.

According to, which relies on state governments' open-source data and third parties, Ohio's infection rate stands at .91, meaning each person in Ohio with the virus is infecting 0.91 other people.

That means virus counts are technically falling in the state, though the rate remains within the website's category of "controlled growth."

The website also reports Ohio’s current positive testing rate at 3.9%, which satisfied World Health Organization guidelines of 10% but falls short of the 3 percent rate experts say is required to contain any outbreaks successfully.


Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced that the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will receive an $8.5 million federal Employment Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grant to help those who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The department will also work with the governor’s office to ensure that the funding will help local businesses.

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