Cincy Children’s program helps athletes safely regain form post-pandemic

Ready to Play program hopes to limit injury for student athletes

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - There’s a good chance most middle- and high-school student athletes experienced a disruption in their workout routines during the pandemic. That includes changes in the way they stay active and fit.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is making sure athletes are ready to play so they stay in the game and out of the hospital.

Delaney Greve is getting back to running after a lengthy injury. She runs cross country and track at Sycamore High School.

Greve knows she has to be careful because returning too soon to competitive sports could land her back on the sidelines.

“I really wanted to get back to running, but that wasn’t always the best thing to do right in that situation,” Greve said of rehab her struggles. "But I learned to trust my physical therapist and listen to what he had to say.”

Greve is finally back to running with her cross country team after an injury and the coronavirus pandemic cut her last season short.

“Getting back [to practice] it was fun because we were able to see everybody,” explained Greve. “But it was very different because we all had to wear masks and stay a certain distance apart.”

Greve isn’t alone. Many youth athletes in the Tri-State are getting back to game shape.

“We’ve noticed that as we’ve gone back to work that kids took a lot of time off during the quarantine,” Physical Therapist Jeff Taylor-Haas explained. “And their routines were interrupted. A lot of kids, they exercise with their teams, and when their teams couldn’t meet they lost some of their social structure for exercise.”

Taylor-Haas is one of several sports physical therapists part of Ready to Play, a new program at Children’s.

The program is designed to limit injury and enhance performance with student athletes in various sports.

“For any athlete that’s taken a long time off, they’re at an increased risk just because their bodies are not used to doing those movement patterns,” adds Taylor-Haas.

Taylor-Haas says he hopes athletes can get back to their sports in a safe manner and enjoy some sense of normalcy.

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