College Hill hosts drive-in movies all summer

College Hill hosts drive-in movies all summer

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ever since they opened with a sold-out crowd on Memorial Day Weekend, the Hollywood Drive-In Theater has expanded their operations.

But a Tri-State organization wants you to come to College Hill for more than just a throwback to old times.

“Most people never see a drive-in,” says College Hill resident Andy Hodapp, “They’ve never been to a drive-in, so this fits the bill perfectly. It’s easy, it’s close and like Libby said, for $20 a carload you can’t beat the price.”

Andy and his family are practically regulars at the all-new Hollywood Drive-In Theatre in College Hill.

“The whole quarantine thing has forced us to slow down and go old school,” explains Libby Hodapp, “The families are sitting down to dinner again and there’s nothing more old school than a drive-in movie theatre."

The building located on Cedar Avenue is the old Hollywood Theater which closed in 1994.

It made perfect sense for the College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Development Corporation (CURC) to use the parking lot and the back of the theatre for a makeshift drive-in theatre.

“To get people back together in a community sense, and we also just want to bring people to College Hill and introduce them to the neighborhood and support our local businesses along the way,” explains College Hill CURC Executive Director Seth Walsh, “They’re not just coming here to watch a movie, there’s plenty of restaurants that have stayed open through this that need some help.”

Walsh and the College Hill CURC is busy bringing new business to College Hill and helping existing businesses thrive.

“We’ve got six blocks of business district that thrived for decades,” says Walsh, “And it only really started to go into decline because most businesses were getting into that second and third generation. And the kids didn’t want to continue the business anymore. So now we’re bringing in the new wave of families that will keep it alive for the next 100 years.”

Walsh says they want this drive-in to be more than a safe activity for families during the coronavirus pandemic.

They want people to come early and dine at one of the local restaurants, enjoy the movie, and bring the family back for a visit at another time.

Films start when the sun goes down around 9:15 p.m. with parking opening at 8:15 p.m.

  • Friday, June 12: “Hook”
  • Saturday, June 13: “Star Wars: A New Hope”
  • Thursday, June 18: “Madagascar”
  • Friday, June 19: “The Hate U Give”
  • Saturday, June 20: “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”
  • Sunday, June 21: “Love, Simon”
  • Thursday, June 25: “Fever Pitch”
  • Friday, June 26: “Sonic the Hedgehog”
  • Saturday, June 27: “The Martian”
  • Sunday, June 28: “Arrival”

Tickets are $20 per car. For more information, visit the theatre’s event website.

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