Coronavirus deaths surpass 500 total in Kentucky, Gov. Beshear announces

Gov. Beshear gives update on coronavirus in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX19) - Even though the number of coronavirus deaths over the past two days in Kentucky was in the single digits, they were enough to put the state past 500 total.

One death from the virus was reported in Kentucky on Sunday while five more were announced by Gov. Beshear on Monday.

Those combined six deaths push the state’s overall death toll to 505, according to the governor.

“That’s six people we’ve lost in the past two days, six too many,” said Gov. Beshear. “Let’s remember, let’s keep those green lights on to show compassion to everybody who needs it. It’s an emotion that all of these families, 505 of them now, need. It lets people know they are not alone in a time that is incredibly difficult.”

On Sunday, Gov. Beshear says the state had an additional 85 coronavirus cases.

120 new cases of the virus were announced on Monday by the governor.

Kentucky now has a total of 12,647 coronavirus cases, according to Gov. Beshear.

To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus both the governor and Department for Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack stressed the importance of wearing a mask.

“The one most important thing we can do to prevent a spike, to make our reopening go the way we want it to, is to wear a mask. I know this has become part of what some people call a cultural war. Folks, this is not. This is key to keeping each other alive. It’s the key to keeping our reopening,” the governor said. “You want our kids to be back in school as soon as possible and you’re not wearing a mask? You could be preventing what it is you want to see. I know it’s not comfortable. But when every single health official – those working for President Trump, those working for me – say this is the very shot we have, shouldn’t we be willing to do it?”

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