Petition effort to stop Kings Island from requiring masks has more than 7K supporters

Petition effort to stop Kings Island from requiring masks has more than 7K supporters
A petition effort is underway to try to prevent Kings Island from requiring everyone from park goers to workers wear masks when the amusement park opens back up in July. (Source: Kings Island)

MASON, Ohio (FOX19) - A petition effort is underway to try to stop one Kings Island from requiring everyone who enters to wear a face mask due to coronavirus.

The effort on already has more than 7,100 supporters.

“There have been numerous studies showing the ineffectiveness of masks on healthy people. If we aren’t required to wear a mask while grocery shopping in Ohio, we shouldn’t be required to wear one while OUTSIDE. If you choose to wear a mask, great! But don’t force healthy individuals to do so!” wrote organizer and season ticket holder Stevi Kurtz on the petition web page.

“The heat and humidity alone will make this very difficult to do. Don’t force your children to do this! Stand up for our rights! Many people have paid for passes and now won’t get to use them! Sign this petition and let King’s Island know what their guests want!”

Kings Island and Cedar Point officials announced last week all workers and park-goers have to wear protective face coverings when the parks reopen starting in July.

Facial coverings are part of a long list of virus precaution protocols the parks released as they say they are following guidelines to try to prevent coronavirus.

They also are extending all 2020 season passes through the 2021 season.

Kings Island, Cedar Point announce opening dates, virus precautions

Amusement parks in Ohio have been closed the past three months by the coronavirus.

Kings Island and Cedar Fair, which owns both Kings Island and Cedar Point, sued the state’s top health official and health districts in both Warren and Erie counties to reopen.

The suit was filed June 4, the same day a small group of House GOP lawmakers passed an amendment to reopen amusement parks and water parks. It’s now part of House Bill 665 regarding amusement park ride safety.

The following day, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced amusement parks and water parks could reopen starting Friday, June 19.

He insisted at the time he already had told amusement parks owners he was planning to announce they could reopen and they could have saved their money on lawyers.

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