Warmer and More Humid then Much Needed Rainfall

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The slow moving storm along the east coast continues to push moisture westward up and over the Appalachian Mountains without much success. The result so far is a few sprinkles or showers in the FOX19 NOW eastern counties.

Tomorrow will be a different story. As the humidity increases a bit through the remainder of the week there should be enough heat and humidity to cause showers to pop up in parts of the Tristate. Tomorrow quite a few but still not everywhere and Friday just a few. There is no rain you can count on until next week.

Soaking rains will be rare or non-existent in the forecast until late Sunday. So it still looks like the plan for now is to keep watering areas that need it. Dry resistant vegetation may be able to wait until next week’s rains arrive.

In addition to dry weather there is a warming trend on the way and upper 80s to low 90s are in the weekend forecast along with humidity reaching the uncomfortable zone.

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