Showers end overnight, a dry start to Friday

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Slightly higher humidity and low and high temperatures of 62° and 84° made Friday feel a bit warmer than Thursday despite temperatures being about the same.

That slow-moving storm along the east coast has moved westward a little and as a result, some steady shower activity developed west of the Appalachian Mountains in the FOX19 NOW viewing area. The showers end overnight and only a few will re-develop Friday afternoon.

Those showers will end this evening and a few will re-fire tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow the showers will be isolated because the low will have moved a bit farther away from the area by then.

As the humidity increases Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with the approach of a cold front from the High Plains there will be enough heat and humidity to cause showers to pop up Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday through Thursday next week will be wet and some of the rain Tuesday and Wednesday could be heavy.

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