Neighbors on alert after window-peeper spotted in Middletown

Neighborhood concerned about man peeping in windows

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A neighborhood in Middletown is concerned after they say a man has been peeping in their windows.

They say it’s happening at the Catalina mobile home park on Germantown Road.

There are lots of children in the mobile home park, but the streets were quiet on Monday... just days after neighbors say a man was spotted twice peeping into children’s bedroom windows.

One father who didn’t want to be identified told FOX19 NOW the man came to his home around midnight on Friday.

“My neighbor told me that there was a guy who was sneaking around the bushes after I left for work. Like they had been following what I had been doing,” said the father. “They just popped in through my daughter’s window.”

The father says the man never made it inside his home after a neighbor spotted him and yelled at him.

He also says he just learned another neighbor had their window tampered with across the street just a few days prior.

Parents are not sure if the man is after items in their homes or their small children.

“It just seems coincidental that both of our windows that were broken into happen to be both of our children’s windows,” he said.

While FOX19 NOW visited the neighborhood, several parents were putting up new floodlights and surveillance cameras hoping to catch the guy the next time he decides to pay a visit.

“It’s a little bit concerning because there’s kids going up and down the street all the time without their parents, so it’s a little disturbing. I’d hate to see someone get taken,” said the father.

Until the man is caught, the father is warning his neighbors to stay alert.

“Make sure you keep your windows locked at night and keep an eye on your loved ones let them know,” he said.

FOX19 NOW did contact the management of the Catalina mobile home park but did not receive a response as of this writing.

The man has been described at a clean-cut white male in his 40′s.

Anyone who has information is asked to contact Middletown Police.

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