UC College of Medicine announces furlough of nearly 1,000 employees

UC College of Medicine announces furlough of nearly 1,000 employees
University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Source: UC Health)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is furloughing 940 employees in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The news was announced Wednesday in a memo sent to faculty and staff signed by College of Medicine Dean and Senior VP for Health Affairs Andrew Filak Jr., MD.

The College of Medicine (CoM) has a $10.2 million FY2021 budget deficit, including a $3.3 million reduction in funds resulting from state cuts to UC and a $6.9 million reduction in funds from UC Health due to decreased clinical revenue, Filak says.

The college also faces potential reductions in student enrollment, restrictions on clinical practice and restrictions on research, causing further significant decreases in revenue, according to the memo.

The five-day mandatory furlough covers all CoM non-represented staff, including dually compensated staff, UC-only staff, UC-only post-doc fellows, CoM adjunct faculty, paid emeriti, and visiting scholars, Filak explains.

The furlough will result in one-time savings of $815,000.

Here’s how the furlough will work, according to the memo:

“This mandatory furlough will be taken in a block of five contiguous days within a Sunday to Saturday work week at the discretion of the supervisor during the weeks of July 6 to 10, July 13 to 17 and July 20-24, unless an exemption is requested to extend the furlough dates beyond July 24. All furloughs must be completed by Nov. 30, 2020. Supervisors will coordinate furloughs to ensure departments are able to meet operational needs.

“The need to complete furloughs prior to July 24, 2020, is so employees can potentially take advantage of State of Ohio Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Employees, who may not be eligible for unemployment benefits, will need to determine their own individual eligibility.”

The FY2021 budget also includes salary reductions for senior leadership and geo-faculty, a hiring freeze, a freeze on salary increases and bonuses and further cost-saving initiatives, Filak says.

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