Cincinnati man plans 600-mile bike ride to raise money for mental health

Cincinnati man biking to DC to raise mental health awareness

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cody Houston is biking for mental health awareness. He’s hoping to raise money and help people understand the need for mental health programs, something with which he has a personal connection.

“Everybody’s reaction is ‘Wow! You’re going that far on a bicycle?!‘” Houston said.

He’s spending the next week getting very comfortable on his bicycle. Then he’ll leave Cincinnati Friday morning and ride along the bike trail toward Columbus before turning east to DC.

Houston hopes to bike 50-100 miles a day, staying with friends when he can or in hotels.

The journey will total nearly 600 miles through several states. That means he should be done sometime next week.

It’s not just the exercise and fitness that Houston hopes to gain from this ride. It’s about improving his overall health.

“Not only with bettering my mental health and helping myself out,” Houston said. ”I wanted to do it for other people as well.”

Houston says he suffers from anxiety and depression sometimes. He knows he’s not alone.

“My mom suffers from depression,” Houston explained. “At a young age I had an uncle commit suicide. I just think that not even with myself, I think it’s something that a lot of people in America can relate to.”

Houston has a fundraising page to raise money for Mental Health America. He hopes along the way he can talk to people about MHA and how they can get involved.

He admits he could use a reset at this point in his life. Like so many people, Houston lost his job during the coronavirus pandemic, though he found out Thursday that he will have a new job when he returns from DC.

“I’m only one guy, and I know that I can’t do everything within my willpower to make a change, but it can start with me,” he said.

If you would like to follow Houston’s journey or donate to MHA, you can learn more here.

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