NKY teacher returns home from hospital following April heart attack

A Ludlow teacher came home Saturday after surviving a heart attack.
A Ludlow teacher came home Saturday after surviving a heart attack.(WXIX)
Updated: Jun. 28, 2020 at 3:40 PM EDT
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LUDLOW, Ky. (FOX19) - A teacher in Ludlow returned home Saturday after spending time at the Cleveland Clinic and then The Christ Hospital for a heart attack he had in April.

Adam Clary suffered a heart attack on April 28 in the parking lot of a local hospital. His wife, Heidi, says he drove himself there because he was not feeling well.

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“When we went to the hospital the morning after the heart attack, we were told he had a zero to 10% chance of survival,” Heidi said.

Adam was taken to the Cleveland Clinic.

While there he was on a ventilator and was in critical condition.

Finally, after a blood clot in his neck was gone Adam started feeling better.

He was then transferred to Christ Hospital, Heidi said.

After spending over 50 days in the hospital and time in a rehab center, Adam could finally return home.

His family says they think the reason he has had significant progress is not just because of the medical staff, but also because of the love and prayers he received from his community.

“My friend made a heart with an ‘AC’ in it, and he said, ‘I put this on my ID badge every day so every time I look at it, I make sure to pray for Adam,’” Heidi said.

Now ‘AC’ with a heart has been printed on t-shirts and shared on Facebook. It’s become a sign of being a good neighbor and showing support.

“When I saw that, I put that as my profile picture, just thinking, ‘That is so sweet,’” Heidi said. “I love it. Within two hours, everybody that we knew put it as their Facebook profile.”

Word spread quickly about Adam after that.

Heidi says neighbors brought groceries and led prayer groups.

As Adam came home Saturday and rode along Elm Street, he saw several people who showed their support by creating and holding signs that say, “Welcome home Adam” and “We love you, Adam.”

A teacher in Ludlow comes home after he had a heart attack in April.
A teacher in Ludlow comes home after he had a heart attack in April.(WXIX)

Even though Adam is home and gets to spend time with his family, his wife advises those who want to visit to be cautious because she says her husband is immunocompromised - meaning if he catches a cold, it could make him very sick.

If you would like to see Adam’s recovery journey, click here.

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