Newborn delivered as mom fought coronavirus goes home after 75 days in NICU

Newborn delivered as mom fought coronavirus goes home after 75 days in NICU
Baby Jameson is back home after he was delivered by doctors while his mother was sedated because of the coronavirus. (Source: WXIX)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A baby boy is finally home with his family after spending months in the NICU following his birth.

Back in April, Jameson Sites was delivered by doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and then spent the first 75 days of his life in the NICU.

His mother, Megan Sites, tested positive for the coronavirus and was put on a ventilator before his birth.

Because of her worsening condition, doctors told Megan she had to be sedated in order to save her baby.

When Megan woke, she had little to no memory of the previous few days but realized she was no longer pregnant.

“I have no recollection of the delivery, no,” Megan said.

Megan’s condition took another turn for the worse afterward as her lungs continued to deteriorate, according to doctors.

Her chance of survival was less than 40%, Megan’s husband was originally told.

That is when the medical staff in Dayton contacted UC Medical Center to get Megan an ECMO treatment.

“I have a lot of hallucinations from that time but the actual ECMO treatment, I don’t recall any of that,” Megan said.

The ECMO treatment is used to provide short-term life support for patients whose heart and or lungs are failing, according to medical officials.

An ECMO pump takes over for and does what healthy lungs should be doing with oxygen and carbon dioxide.

“We have not seen any pregnant patients whose lungs have failed so severely to require this rescue therapy of ECMO,” said Suzanne Bennett, MD, at the UC Medical Center. “Our conventional therapies, which includes a ventilator, was not enough to save her life.”

The procedure came through and so did Megan.

And because of this treatment, Megan finally got the chance to meet her little boy, more than 10 days after he was born.

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