Anchor Grill ‘refuses to sink’ despite pandemic, car crashing into building

Anchor Grill reopens in Covington after pandemic closure, car crash

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - Anchor Grill, a historic restaurant in Covington, reopened Wednesday following closures due to COVID-19 and a car crashing into the building.

“We have a sign that says, ‘We refuse to sink,’” Carolyn Chapman said. “It’s been a year, and we won’t forget it, I’ll tell ya!”

The restaurant has been family-owned for 74 years and has been open every day, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year ever since, excluding when Chapman closed the restaurant for a couple of days after her parents, the original owners, passed away.

Closing because of the pandemic was only the second time they went off their normal schedule.

According to Chapman, doing carryout didn’t work with the restaurant’s format, so she had to lay her staff off.

"It was hard on everybody here," said Chapman.

They finally caught a break as Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced restaurants could reopen their dining rooms.

“Everybody pitched in, we were ready to go. Had our masks, our gloves, and everything ready to open,” Chapman said.

But a car crashed into the building just days before they could reopen.

“The table where she came through, if anybody was there, they would’ve been killed,” Chapman said. “And It was a mess.”

The dining room the car hit had to be rebuilt. But now seven-weeks after the accident, the restaurant is back in business.

Historic grill reopening after car crashed into building amid pandemic

Customers once again got to indulge in the restaurant’s peanut butter pie and will have utensils served to them in a plastic baggie for cleanliness.

“We’re glad to see everybody, and everybody has hand sanitizer and disinfection stuff to clean with,” Chapman said. “Because the customers are our family too. I mean once you come here, you’re not a stranger anymore... We’re ready. We just want to see them here.”

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