No easy fixes for Cincinnati’s rise in shooting deaths

Explaining the rise in deadly shootings in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A rise in deadly shootings in the city of Cincinnati has left community leaders searching for solutions.

Cincinnati police FOP President Sgt. Dan Hils says he believes the city could hit triple-digit homicides soon.

“I think this could put us in the greatest number we’ve seen since I’ve been a policeman,” Hils said.

The Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence tracks stats for shootings in the city. According to CIRV’s latest numbers, there have been 225 shootings so far this year, and 42 people have died as a result.

Data from CIRV appears to show a correlation between the relaxation of the pandemic lockdown orders and a rise in the number of shootings.

Cincinnati sees increase in shootings, homicides in first half of 2020

Rev. Peterson Mingo is a member of CPD’s so-called God Squad, a group that goes to crime scenes to pray and promote peace.

“The Cincinnati Police Department is doing an outstanding job of cleaning up a lot of the drug trade in the Tri-State area,” Mingo said. “A lot of the drug dealers basically have to find their product somehow, and so they turn on each other.”

Mingo continues: “Until we begin to love each other, we’ll continue to kill something that looks like us. Black Lives Matter, but they need to matter most to us in the Black community.”

Hils says in most shootings both the suspect and victim are involved in the criminal activity, but it’s the innocent residents who suffer.

“When their neighborhoods become a shooting gallery, people who live in fear, little old people, and children, and everybody, when they hear gunshots outside their doors, outside their windows, they end up living in fear,” Hils said. “It’s a shame.”

Mingo says the reduction of Black-on-Black crime begins in the Black community itself.

He explains it’s the adults who need to set a good example and become mentors for the younger generation.

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