Bear caught on video wandering UK’s campus

VIDEO: Bear spotted on UK’s campus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT/FOX19) - A bear that has been roaming around Lexington has now made its way to the University of Kentucky’s campus.

The bear was spotted in front of the Kentucky Clinic, close to UK Hospital.

UK Police say this video was shot early Wednesday, but Kentucky Fish and Wildlife says it’s been aware of this bear in Lexington for weeks.

VIDEO: Bear spotted on UK’s campus

In recent weeks, biologists with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife have been tracking reported sightings of one or more bears in central Kentucky.

Wildlife officials say it’s not unusual in the early summer for young male bears to wander outside of the established bear range in eastern Kentucky.

“We’ve got a really healthy bear population in our mountain counties. As breeding, young males get bounced out and tend to pop up in places across the bluegrass,” John Hast with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife said.

Wildlife officials say they’re going to let the bear be unless it becomes threatening.

They say black bears have a natural fear of people however, you should never approach or feed a bear.

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