Big Boy (not Frisch’s) is changing its mascot to ... a girl named Dolly?

Big Boy (not Frisch’s) is changing its mascot to ... a girl named Dolly?
Old Big Boy (Provided, Frisch's)

CINCINNATI (ENQUIRER) - Big Boy, the Michigan cousin of Cincinnati’s Frisch’s Big Boy, is making waves by changing its mascot from the iconic Big Boy, according to our media partners at the Enquirer.

As part of their introduction of a new chicken sandwich, they're also introducing Dolly as their new mascot. 

"It's kind of a big cluckin' deal," the company said. 

“Dolly, featured in the Adventures of the Big Boy comic book series and Big Boy kids menus and coloring pages since the 1950s, has always been Big Boy’s side-kick,” the company said. “Now it’s Dolly’s time to shine with her own creation, The Dolly Chicken Sandwich.”

The Big Boy chain has locations in California, Michigan, North Dakota and two restaurants in northern Ohio. 

WOOD in Michigan reported that while it's part of a promotional campaign, Big Boy Director of Training Frank Alessandrini says Big Boy could be going bye-bye.

“It is Dolly’s time to shine now with our chicken sandwich. So, she’s taken the forefront right now. She’s in charge,” Alessandrini told WOOD. “The name will always be Big Boy but as far as the logo, she’s leading the charge and we’ll see when he comes back if he does.”

Frisch’s Big Boy President and CEO Jason Vaughn released the following statement Monday evening:

“You may have heard that some Big Boy restaurants in Michigan, not affiliated with Frisch’s, are temporarily changing their mascot. At Frisch’s Big Boy, which operates in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, we’re remaining faithful to our beloved Big Boy. For more than 70 years, neighborhood Frisch’s restaurants have made memories with your family as the home of burgers, breakfast and Big Boy. We intend that to be the case for at least 70 more.”

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