Today’s Rainfall = Tomorrow’s Humidity

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - That’s right, unlike rainfall that is caused by a cold front which is followed by lower humidity and temperatures, in hot, tropical air masses all that rain just evaporates into the air and becomes humidity. Tomorrow will be much more humid than today because of today’s rainfall.

The low and high temperatures today were 71° and 91°. Officially 0.40″ of rain fell at CVG but some areas saw almost 3″. More in on the way tomorrow afternoon.

You have heard it. You may have even said it. “Its not the heat it is the humidity” is not really correct. It is actually both. and the heat and humidity will make each and every day a free steam bath. With all the humidity any shower or thunderstorm could produce brief, heavy downpours. Severe thunderstorms are not in the forecast.

Each afternoon with temperatures reaching the low to middle 90s and dew point temperatures in the low to middle 70s the heat index will reach or exceed 100°. Some locations, especially those along streams and rivers could see a heat index as hot as 105° for a brief time any afternoon.

By week’s end a cold front will approach from the northwest and bring the chance for heavy thunderstorms, somewhat lower humidity and slightly cooler air. As far as fronts go this will be wimpy.

It will hang around for a while increasing the chance of rain into the middle of next week.

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