Maslow’s Army helps mother of 5 get back on her feet

Maslow's Army helps mother of 5 get housing

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A local mom who lost her job and home due to the coronavirus pandemic is back on her feet, thanks to a donation from Maslow’s Army.

Since the pandemic began, the non-profit has used $180,000 to provide transitional housing for more than 260 families. It was their goal to help get those who lost their homes because to the virus temporarily into hotels.

That’s where they met Dystine Snapp, a mother-of-five who lost her job in March. Snapp says it became especially hard for her when schools shut down and daycares closed.

After several months in the hotel, Maslow’s Army stepped in to help her get a roof over her head. She’ll now live in a temporary home in North College Hill for the next 90 days while she saves up.

“I have to give credit to everything that I have accomplished to [Maslow’s Army],” said Snapp. “All the donations, everything. I didn’t have to pay for the car, I didn’t pay for any rent. I just have time to save my money for a permanent house so I don’t end up back at a hotel.”

Chief Advisor to Maslow’s Army Brian Garry says this time is especially difficult for families who are homeless. That’s why they wanted to help Snapp and her kids out.

“If you don’t have a home to go to, you couldn’t honor the stay-at-home order,” said Garry. “Now they can actually thrive. It’s not just surviving, but now they’re thriving because they can get back in school and any activities they want to do during the summer.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is also helping Snapp. They have agreed to fix a car for the family using restricted funds, or drug forfeited money.

“This car will get Dystine to and from work,” Maslow’s Army Executive Director. Sam Landis said. “The object of staying here for 90 days is saving up money so that we can make that transition into your next permanent home. We are blessed to have the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department as a partner.”

Dystinie Snapp and her son pose in front of a vehicle the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office helped repair
Dystinie Snapp and her son pose in front of a vehicle the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office helped repair (Source: Maslow's Army)

Snapp has since been rehired as the front desk manager at the hotel she and her family stayed at after they were evicted.

If you are interested in donating items or funds to Maslow’s Army, click here.

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