4 months after pandemic closure, live music returns to historic Newport venue

Live music returns to Southgate House Revival

NEWPORT, Ky. (FOX19) - Live music is slowly coming back to the Tri-State. Large concerts aren’t happening right now, but smaller venues are able to operate with certain guidelines.

Southgate House Revival in Newport typically hosts concerts with hundreds of people several times a week. Sometimes they even have more than one concert happening at the same time in separate rooms.

Friday night will be their first concert since March 12.

“We’re really ready to get back into some live music and camaraderie and all that good stuff!” Southgate House Revival’s Morrella Raleigh exclaimed.

Raleigh is excited to bring live music back to this historic building but admits there are some nerves about the way things are right now.

“It was lonely for sure,” Raleigh remembered. “I love the fact that we bring people together. I have so many friends and I love all the people that come here. So that part was really tough.”

Southgate House Revival hosts independent musicians both locally and from across the country. Friday night Rod Hamdallah and the Nailers will perform for a limited crowd of 50 people. Doors open at 8 p.m. with the show beginning at 9 p.m.

Those guests will be seated rather than up and dancing like usual. They will be required to wear a mask any time they are not in their seat. A server will be provided to eliminate people standing at the bar.

Raleigh says the past four months were hard for her both personally and as a business owner.

“Not knowing what’s going on, and we’re all in that boat,” Raleigh continued. “But as a small business owner it’s very scary because you don’t really have a corporate office to fall back on, so it’s just you.”

Raleigh says she’s used to adapting and changing as needed to allow her business to thrive. And that’s exactly what she plans to do in this situation.

“Hopefully everybody will come out, be safe and have a good time,” said Raleigh.

You can purchase tickets or see their schedule here.

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