CPS leaders outline health and safety protocols for upcoming school year

CPS outlines health and safety protocols for upcoming school year

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education met Monday to roll out health and safety protocols for the upcoming school year.

The district’s plan for fall classes calls for its 36,000 students to return in a blended learning schedule where students learn in classrooms between two and three days per week and virtually the other days.

Groups of students will rotate schedules every week.

If that plan doesn’t work for some, CPS has encouraged families to pursue the remote learning model offered by Cincinnati Digital Academy for grades K-12.

“I don’t want the burden of anybody’s death on me,” CPS School Board President Carolyn Jones said. “And so I’m going to have to temper myself around that.”

The words repeated most often in rolling out the extensive health and safety plan were “flexibility,” “agility” and “adjustments,” suggesting the district’s plan could look different throughout the year.

“We cannot necessarily just have one-size-fits-all,” Board Member Eve Bolton said. “That that flexibility and that agility can meet the needs of more and more students. If it’s twenty ore or two-hundred more or a thousand more, I think that’s great.”

CPS | Cincinnati Public Schools announce plan for 2020-21 school year

One board member would like other school districts to take the lead on when to relax precautions.

“We find at least one, preferable more than one district, that has been back with three feet or less of social distancing and compare what we’re seeing within CPS to what we’re seeing in that other district,” Board Member Ben Lindy explained.

Board Member Ryan Messer referred to the Ohio Department of Health’s color-coded county risk level map showing Hamilton County one step below the Level 4 ‘purple’ designation of severe virus exposure and spread.

”I am not convinced, if people don’t change their ways, that this won’t be a purple county, and we would be remote,” Messer said.

Some of the topics included protocol for masks, social distancing, and appropriate use of space while students receive in-person instruction.

To close the digital divide for those not equipped at home with the technology necessary for their academic program, CPS is handing out devices throughout the district.

Click here for more information about when the computers will be distributed.

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