Woman suffers severe injuries from dog attack in Newtown

Officers shoot dog in Newtown after it attacks woman, police say

NEWTOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - Charges are likely after a woman suffered severe injuries from a dog attack in Newtown, according to the police chief.

Officers and firefighters responded to the area of 7400 Main Street and Ivy Hills Place around 12:20 p.m. for a report of an adult and a 3-year-old child that had been attacked by a dog.

They found a woman with severe injuries to her head and face and a child that appeared to be injured, Chief Tom Synan said.

Synan said the dog, which was still on the loose, circled officers and paramedics as they tried to reach the woman.

Officers fired at the dog twice after it charged at them, the chief said.

Synan said the dog was still able to move around and went to an apartment complex where it was captured by the SPCA and later euthanized.

“The actions of the officers placing themselves between the dog and others, the quick response of the paramedics placing themselves in danger to aid the victim and actions of bystanders trying to get the dog off and giving first aid to the victim helped save the victim and others,” he said.

According to the chief, the 34-year-old woman is being treated at UC Medical Center for puncture wounds to her hands, arms, scratches on her back, and severe facial and head injuries.

It turned out the child was not injured in the attack.

Synan says charges will be pending for the dog owner from the SPCA.

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