Tri-State filmmaker optimistic for industry’s future in Cincinnati

COVID-19 impacting local film industry

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ranked in the top 10 cities to live and work in the film industry, Cincinnati should be optimistic about its return to the city after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production, says one Tri-State filmmaker.

Film Cincinnati Executive Director Kristen Schlotman says scripts never stopped flowing in despite filming being halted because of COVID-19.

“Although things stopped physically filming, production was constantly in development,” Schlotman said. “We were receiving more movie scripts than ever. People were using this time to work on writing to see what projects worked in different areas, figuring out budgets so that development piece really kicked in for us.”

Schlotman is optimistic that when Hollywood picks up production again the Cincinnati film industry will be bigger than ever.

“We’ve got some of the biggest budget films we’ve ever had just waiting for the green light to come into Cincinnati and the stars will be back and we will be busy again,” Schlotman explained.

Schlotman was also part of the new Netflix show called “Say I do?” where a few of the first few episodes take place in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

“You’ll see the Drees Pavilion in episode one in Northern Kentucky and it is just absolutely stunning,” Schlotman said. “And the views of Cincinnati are tremendous. As the episodes continue, you’ll rediscover this city.”

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