CPS board to consider laying off 14 teachers, more in the future

CPS board to consider laying off 14 teachers, more in the future
CPS Superintendent Laura Mitchell said the cuts are necessary due to the pandemic's toll on the district's finances. (Source: WXIX)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - More than a dozen Cincinnati Public School District teachers could soon be out of work, and the district expects more staffing cuts are on the way.

Superintended Laura Mitchell made the announcement Wednesday afternoon during a meeting of the school board. 

Fourteen teachers would be impacted by the initial cuts. 

The teachers are still employed by the district. Mitchell’s recommendation to let them go is subject to a school board vote next month. 

“It is with a saddened heart to (…) make a recommendation to displace people out of their jobs,” she said. “And so, please understand that these decisions were not made lightly, that we took a lot of time to try and be able to lower the number as low as possible.”

Mitchell explained the district is under financial strain due to the pandemic. She pointed to budget cuts coming from the state and a delay in the collection of property taxes as factors in her recommendation. 

Previously the district estimated it will face $8.7 million in revenue losses by the end of the year.

The mother of a CPS student spoke against the cuts during the school board meeting. 

“At a time when our students and staff and communities need us the most, you have chosen to cut the positions of teachers and further widen the academic gap of our future generations by eliminating the very human beings that they depend on to support and advocate for them,” she said. 

Mitchell added there will be at least six more staffing cuts made by the next school board meeting in August.

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