No need to worry about Black Rat Snakes, experts say

No need to worry about Black Rat Snakes, experts say

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - When you are walking through the park this summer, look up and you might see a Black Rat Snake hanging in the trees above.

If you spot one, an expert says there nothing you need to worry about.

“Black Rat Snakes are a very common snake in Ohio,” says Amanda Dalton a Naturalist at Hueston Woods State Park. “You might see them on the ground, but another place you might see them is up in a tree because these are arboreal snakes.”

Although they might seem scary to some, Dalton says, the Black Rat Snake is a normal and non-threatening part of the local ecosystem, not an escaped exotic pet.

The snakes are actually a great thing to have around because they can help get rid of some of the other pests running around.

“They are free pest control,” explains Dalton. “They are looking for mice and rodents.”

You also do not need to worry about them because they are non-venomous snakes.

“So, if you see one climbing near your house or under your front porch you don’t have to be alarmed, they are not going to hurt you,” says Dalton.

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