Changes recommended for Ohio high school football in the fall

Changes recommended for Ohio HDS football to start in fall

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association has released a list of “changes and protocols to responsibly start Ohio high school football in the fall of 2020 ” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The OHSFCA represents 709 school districts across the state.

The organization’s list of recommendations was sent to Gov. Mike DeWine’s Office, The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), and every high school football coach in the state.

OHSFCA believes players’ mental health will be negatively affected if football is eliminated for 2020, according to the proposal.

COVID-19 response steps are outlined in the plan which OHSFCA says “will prevent the quarantine of the entire team”.

Among the recommended changes for high school football in the fall:

  • Yards of sideline space to increased from 50 yards to 80
  • Minutes of full contact per day reduced from 30 minutes to 18 minutes
  • Mandatory stoppage of play increased from 4 (12 minutes) to 8 (6 minutes)
  • Players report to practice at staggered times
  • Halftime length decreased from 20 minutes to 12 minutes
  • Single preseason practice sessions will not exceed 3 hours and no practice is to exceed 2 hours and 15 minutes during the season
  • Scrimmages will be limited to two teams
  • Symptom checklist for participants; daily temperature checks
  • Individual water containers
  • Equipment sanitized each day
  • CDC guidelines to be followed in all meetings, film sessions, and weight room sessions
  • Social distancing for spectators and on sidelines by all players
  • Masks worn by attendees and coaches on sidelines
  • Seating design for social distancing

The proposal concludes, “We understand the important work being done to protect all Ohioans, and we present this as a working document that may require additional action, and the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association stands ready to work with the Governor, his task force, and the Ohio High School Athletic Association to ensure a high school football season this fall in our great state.”

You can read the entire proposal below:

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