Early surveys show majority of students ready to return to Tri-State classrooms

School districts await word from parents on sending kids to classrooms

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Should they stay or should they go?

That is the question with which school districts and parents are grappling as the fall semester approaches — and it’s a question the school districts themselves need the answer to.

To that end, administrators are using a survey to determine how many parents intend to send their students back to class.

“We are currently calling all parents who have not had the opportunity to fill that out, so that we get a really good gauge of how many parents are going to opt in to the remote learning option,” explained Princeton City School District Superintendent Tom Burton.

With plexiglass dividers and social distancing protocols in place at Princeton schools, the district says it is ready to start the school year.

“This is six feet apart,” Burton said, demonstrating the distance to FOX19 NOW. “And (...) we will be looking at the option of 3 feet apart depending on how many parents opt in to the remote learning.

“Right now we have just over 20 percent of our student population that have opted in to either semester or year-long remote learning.”

That means 80 percent of all Princeton students who replied to the survey are expected to be back in the classroom in the coming weeks.

Other districts are in the process of sending out surveys as well. But not everyone is responding.

“It’s really important that all our stakeholders complete that survey, and we’re asking for 100 percent participation. In our last survey, we had about 46 percent participation, so we need everybody to respond,” explained Kenton County School District Superintendent Henry Webb, Ph.D.

Kenton County Schools have three learning options. Students can learn in parson, by joining the classroom at home or by taking all instruction online in a virtual academy.

The district will send out a final formal questionnaire Monday.

A preliminary survey by the district showed 68 percent of parents and 80 percent of staff were ready to come back to school buildings.

“It’s been a very challenging time, just a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unknowns, and we’re planning to be back to school in person,” Webb said. “That is our goal. That is what our board has approved. But we are continuing to monitor everything.”

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