Mayor Fischer calls for more police reform to help with accountability, transparency

Mayor Fischer calls for more police reform to help with accountability, transparency
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said he’s frustrated with how long the Breonna Taylor investigation is taking.

In a video Thursday, he said he has heard from people in the community who have questions about the Breonna Taylor case.

“People need to know what happened in this tragedy and we need to know soon,” Fischer stressed.

He also said LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit turned over their files to Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office in May.

"Yes, the process needs to be thorough, but like you, I want a resolution," Fischer said. "Breonna Taylor's family and our community deserve that."

Fischer said in the meantime, he is working to make changes in the city.

“While we are waiting for these investigative outcomes, I’m not waiting to pursue the cause of racial justice in Louisville, and particularly the need for public safety reform,” Fischer said.

He outlined several steps the city has taken, including:

  • Signing Breonna’s Law, which bans no-knock warrants, and mandates the use of body cameras for police officers serving search warrants;
  • Installing new leadership at LMPD, and conducting a national search for a permanent chief with major public involvement;
  • Hiring an independent outside firm to conduct a top-to-bottom review of LMPD to help us understand strengths as well as identify weaknesses, and implement changes necessary to improve public safety;
  • Working to create an independent civilian police review board with subpoena power to bring greater accountability and transparency;
  • And strengthening the rules governing an officer’s duty to intervene.

Fischer said he's not done wanting to make changes. He listed several more changes he wants to make, particularly with police reform to help with accountability and transparency, including:

  • Contacting the KSP to do an independent investigation after an officer-involved shooting where a person is killed or injured, rather than LMPD.
  • Pursuing a change to state law KRS 67c, which Fischer said “imposes essentially a gag order on what I can say publicly about matters related to any kind of investigation being conducted by LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit.” Fischer said he wants to be able to talk about cases without jeaopardizing the ongoing investigation or compromising the rights of officers or the public.
  • Pursuing change to state law to strengthen civilian oversight of police investigations, giving the Civilian Review Board subpoena power.
  • Establishing an Office of Inspector General to support the Civilian Review Board by investigating individual complaints against LMPD officers for serious infractions, as well as troublesome patterns and practices.
  • Working with the FOP through the collective bargaining process “to find ways to strike the right balance between protecting an officers’ right to due process and providing the public with greater transparency and accountability, which are essential to police-community legitimacy and public safety.”

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